The Tavistock Subscription Library holds several hundred books pertaining to local and regional history and of great use to local researchers and scholars.
Our collection includes a rare complete collection of the Transactions of the Devonshire Association along with The novels of Mrs Bray. Histories of the Russell family. Local Industries, Archaeology. Flora and Fauna. Art and Poetry. History of Plymouth and Exeter (Church related) Local history. Dartmoor and like subjects, people related to the area. Biographies.
Whilst this is not a complete nor comprehensive list it does give a brief indication of the sorts of books that we have available for members to read. Books are not loaned out nor are members permitted to take books away from the premises but there are sufficient facilities to conduct quiet research at any time.

Howell JFamiliar Letters1645Book
Burnet TThe Sacred Theory of the Earth and three other papers on the same subject Vol 21722Book
Mudge ZAn Essay towards a new english version of the Book of Psalms1744Book
Thomson JamesThe Works of James Thomson in two Volumes. Vol 11751Book
Reynolds Sir JoshuaThe Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds Vol 11798Book
Reynolds Sir JoshuaThe Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds Vol 21798Book
Reynolds Sir JoshuaThe Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds KNT Vol 31798Book
Bray E ABallads1799Book
Bray E AIdyls1800Book
Browne WilliamThe Works of William Browne Vol I1801Book
Browne WilliamThe Works of William Browne Vol II1801Book
Browne WilliamThe Works of William Browne Vol III1801Book
Opie Mrs (and others)Elegy to the Memory of the Late Duke of Bedford (and other works)1802Book
Carr JThe Stranger in France or a tour from Devonshire to Paris1803Book
Thackeray W M (edit)The History of Henry Esmond Esq1805Book
Jenkins AlexanderCity of Exeter and its Environs Ancient and Modern1806Book
Cox W E (edit)The Homelover's Book1808Book
Risdon TristramChorographical Description or Survey of the County of Devon1811Book
Lysons Rev. Daniel & Lysons SamuelMagna Britannia. Vol III Cornwall1814Book
Reynolds Sir JoshuaMemoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds1815Book
Reynolds Sir JoshuaSupplement to the Memoirs of Sir Joshua Reynolds KNT1815Book
Dodd StephenThe Town of Woburn Its Abbey and vicinity1818Book
Royal Geological SocietyTransactions of R.G.S.Cornwall Vol 11818Book
House of CommonsReturns of Charitable Donations made1819Book
Russell Lord JohnThe Life of William Lord Russell1819Book
Carrington N TThe Bank of the Tamar A Poem with other Pieces1820Book
Carwithen WilliamAn Account of Legacies left to the poor of the City of Exeter1820Book
Lysons Rev. Daniel & Lysons SamuelMagna Britannia. Vol VI Devonshire1822Book
Lysons Rev. Daniel & Lysons SamuelMagna Britannia. Vol VI Devonshire part 21822Book
Royal Geological SocietyTransactions of R.G.S.Cornwall Vol 21822Book
Stothard Mrs CharlesMemoirs of Charles Stothard by his wife1823Book
Taperell NThe Plymouth Dock Stonehouse Morice-Town and Stoke Directory1823Book
anonA New Guide to the City of Exeter and its Environs1824Book
Bedford Duke ofHortus Ericaeus Woburnensis Catalogue of Heaths…Woburn Abbey1825Book
Bone HenryCatalogue of Miniature Portraits in Enamel in Collection of the Duke of Bedford1825Book
anonThe Report of the Commisioners concerning Charities in County of Devon1826Book
Bray MrsDe Foix: or Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the 14th Century Vol 2 1826Book
Bray MrsDe Foix: or Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the 14th Century Vol 31826Book
Britton JohnHistory and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Exeter1826Book
Carrington N TDartmoor: A Descriptive Poem1826Book
Devon & Exeter InstitutionA Catalogue of the library of the Devon & Exeter Institution1826Book
Evans Rev. WilliamA Discourse on the Use of Lectures…Tavistock Institution1827Book
Bray MrsThe Protestant: a Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary Vol 11828Book
Bray MrsThe Protestant: a Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary Vol 21828Book
Bray MrsThe Protestant: a Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary Vol 31828Book
Bray MrsThe White Hoods Vol 11828Book
Bray MrsThe White Hoods Vol 21828Book
Bray MrsThe White Hoods Vol 31828Book
Commissioners CharitiesCounty of Devon part II1828Book
Royal Geological SocietyTransactions of R.G.S.Cornwall Vol 31828Book
Bedford Duke ofSalictum Woburnense Catalogue of Willows…Woburn Abbey1829Book
Jones Rev. J P & Kingston J FFlora Devoniensis1829Book
Taylor John Records of Mining Part 11829Book
Bowdler H M Pen Tamar. The History of an Old Maid1830Book
Bray MrsThe Talba: Moor of Portugal Vol 11830Book
Bray MrsThe Talba: Moor of Portugal Vol 21830Book
Bray MrsThe Talba: Moor of Portugal Vol 31830Book
Carrington N TMy Native Village and other poems1830Book
Commissioners CharitiesCounty of Devon part III1830Book
Stokes Henry SewellThe Lay of the Desert. A Poem1830Book
Colling Mary MariaFables and Other Pieces in Verse1831Book
Stokes H SThree Discourses of Opinion: Connexion between Knowledge and Virtue etc1831Book
Stokes Henry SewellThe Song of Albion A poem commemorative of the Crisis; Lines on the Fall of Warsaw1831Book
Royal Geological SocietyTransactions of R.G.S.Cornwall Vol 41832Book
Wiffen J H Historical Memoirs House of Russell1833Book
Wiffen J H Memoirs to the House of Russell1833Book
Bray MrsWarleigh: or The Fatal Oak Vol 11834Book
Bray MrsWarleigh: or The Fatal Oak Vol 21834Book
Carrington N TThe Collected Poems of the late N T Carrington. Vol. 11834Book
Frost CharlotteSir William Knighton The Strange Career of a Regency Physician1835Book
Bray MrsA Description of the Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy Vol 11836Book
Bray MrsA Description of the Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy Vol 21836Book
Bray MrsA Description of the Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy Vol 31836Book
De La Beche Henry THow to Observe. Geology.1836Book
Bray MrsTrelawny of Trelawne Vol 21837Book
Daniel H JHours of Solitude a collection of poems1838Book
Gilbert DaviesParochial History of Cornwall Vol 11838Book
Gilbert DaviesParochial History of Cornwall Vol 21838Book
Gilbert DaviesParochial History of Cornwall Vol 31838Book
Gilbert DaviesParochial History of Cornwall Vol 41838Book
O'Brien FrancisWild Sports of the West with legendary tales1838Book
Bellamy J CThe National History of South Devon1839Book
De La Beche Henry TReport on the Geology of Cornwall Devon & West Somerset1839Book
Trelawny Collins Rev. CPerranzabuloe The Lost Church Found1839Book
Bedford Duke ofLetter to the late Duke Of Bedford addressed to Dawson Turner Esq1840Book
Oliver Rev. GeorgeHistoric Collections relating to the Monasteries of Devon1841Book
Phillips JohnPalaeozoic Fossils of Cornwall Devon & West Somerset1841Book
Gwilt JosephAn Encyclopaedia of Architecture Historical Theoretical & Practical1842Book
Russell Lord JohnCorrespondence of John Fourth Duke of Bedford Vol 11842Book
Dickens CharlesA Christmas Carol1843Book
Homely JosiasSongs of Devon and Miscellaneous Poems1843Book
Royal Geological SocietyTransactions of R.G.S.Cornwall Vol 51843Book
Russell Lord JohnCorrespondence of John Fourth Duke of Bedford Vol 21843Book
Bray MrsCourtenay of Walreddon Vol 11844Book
Bray MrsCourtenay of Walreddon Vol 21844Book
Bray MrsCourtenay of Walreddon Vol 31844Book
Penzance Public LibraryCatalogue of Books in Penzance Public Library 30 June 18441844Book
Bray MrsDe Foix: or Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the 14th Century Vol 1 1845Book
Bray MrsThe Protestant. Vol III1845Book
Bray MrsThe Talba: Moor of Portugal Vol 51845Book
Bray MrsTrials of the Heart1845Book
Art-Union Monthly Journal of the Fine Arts and the Arts Decorative Ornamental Vol 8 1846Book
Bray MrsHenry de Pomeroy also the White Rose1846Book
Curson FrankLays and Legends of the West1846Book
Evans RachelHome Scenes Or Tavistock and its Vicinity1846Book
Russell Lord JohnCorrespondence of John Fourth Duke of Bedford Vol 31846Book
Art-Union Monthly Journal of the Arts Vol 101848Book
Hall Herbert ByngExmoor or the Footsteps of St Hubert in the West1849Book
Bray MrsLife of Thomas Stothard R.A. with personal reminiscences1851Book
Carter SamuelThe Avenger A Metrical Tale (Tavistock M.P.& 1st Rock View Resident1851Book
Wilkie Collins WRambles Beyond Railways1851Book
Rooker Rooker & ParsonVarious sermons lectures hymns1852Book
Doyle RichardForeign Tour of Messrs Brown Jones and Robinson1854Book
Whitfield Rev H FRambles in Devonshire with Tales and Poetry1854Book
Kingsley CharlesWestward Ho1855Book
Stokes Henry SewellEchoes of the War1855Book
White WalterA Londoner's Walk to the Land's End1855Book
King Richard JohnThe Forest of Dartmoor and Its Borders1856Book
St Alban AbbeyThe Abbey of St Alban some extracts from its early history1856Book
Chanter CharlotteFerny Combes a ramble after ferns in the glens and valleys of Devonshire1857Book
Bray MrsPoetical Remains of the late Edward Atkyns Bray Vol 11859Book
Bray MrsPoetical Remains of the late Edward Atkyns Bray Vol 21859Book
Harness T BThe Alphabetical list of the names of 1019 subscribers…Tavistock1859Book
Bray E ASermons of the Rev.Edward Atkyns Bray Vol 11860Book
Bray E ASermons of the Rev.Edward Atkyns Bray Vol 21860Book
Blight J TA week at the Land's End1861Book
Davies Rev. E W LDartmoor Days or Scenes in the Forest1863Book
Murray J PublisherA Handbook for Travellers in Devon and Cornwall1865Book
Marsh Mrs (Anne)Chronicles of Dartmoor Vol 11866Book
Marsh Mrs (Anne)Chronicles of Dartmoor Vol 21866Book
Marsh Mrs (Anne)Chronicles of Dartmoor Vol 31866Book
Baring-Gould SabineThrough Flood and Flame. Vol 11868Book
Baring-Gould SabineThrough Flood and Flame. Vol 21868Book
Baring-Gould SabineThrough Flood and Flame. Vol 31868Book
Browne WilliamThe Whole Works of William Browne Vol 11868Book
Browne WilliamThe Whole Works of William Browne Vol 21868Book
Wesley John and CharlesThe Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley Vol I1868Book
Baring-Gould SabineCurious Myths of the Middle Ages1869Book
Wesley John and CharlesThe Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley Vol II1869Book
Baring-Gould SabineIn Exitu Israel: An Historic Novel Vol 11870Book
Bray MrsThe Good St Louis and his Times1870Book
Wesley John and CharlesThe Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley Vol IX1870Book
Wesley John and CharlesThe Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley Vol VII1870Book
Wesley John and CharlesThe Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley Vol VIII1870Book
Bray MrsHartland Forest and Roseteague a Legend of North Devon1871Book
Michell NicholasSibyl of Cornwall Land's End St Michael's Mount and other Poems1871Book
Plymouth Institution & Devon & Cornwall National History SocietyFlora of Devon & Cornwall1871Book
Worth R NHistory of Plymouth from the earliest period to the present time1871Book
Borlase William CopelandNaenia Cornubiae A descriptive Essay1872Book
Stokes Henry SewellMemories: A Life's Epilogue1872Book
Symonds Rev. W SRecords of the Rocks; North & South Wales Devon & Cornwall1872Book
Trevithick FrancisLife of Richard Trevithick with an account of his inventions1872Book
Trevithick FrancisLife of Richard Trevithick with an account of his inventions Part II1872Book
Jewitt LlewellynnHistory of Plymouth 1873Book
Stokes Henry SewellPoems of Later Years1873Book
Tozer EliasDevonshire & other Original Poems; with some account of Customs Superstitions & Traditions1873Book
Bray MrsJoan of Arc and the Times of Charles VII King of France1874Book
Murch JeromMemoir of Robert Hibbert Esq founder of the Hibbert Trust1874Book
Trollope AnthonyPhineas Redux Vol 11874Book
Staunton HowardThe Chess-Player's Handbook1875Book
Worth R NThe West Country Garland1875Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Vicar of Morwenstow a Life of Robert Stephen Hawker1876Book
Devonshire Assoc.Report & Transactions Vol VIII 1876Book
Dymond Robert (edit)'Things Old and New' the parish of Widecombe-in-the-Moor1876Book
Scott Sir WalterThe Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott1877Book
Bray MrsThe Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy Vol 11879Book
Bray MrsThe Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy Vol 21879Book
Blackmore R DChristowell. A Dartmoor Tale Vol. 11882Book
Blackmore R DChristowell. A Dartmoor Tale Vol. 21882Book
Dictionary of the English LanguageVol 1 A to IVY1882Book
Dictionary of the English LanguageVol 2 JAB to ZYM1882Book
Friend Rev. HDevonshire Plant Names1882Book
Wills SamuelSouth Devon Songs & Sonnets and others1882Book
Crommelin MayIn the West Countrie Vol 111883Book
Crommelin MayIn the West Countrie Vol 1111883Book
Davies E W LThe Out-of-Door Life of the Rev. John Russell A Memoir1883Book
KellyKelly's Directory of Devonshire 1883Book
anonLondon's Roll of Fame 1757-18841884Book
Bray MrsA Father's Curse and a Daughter's Sacrifice1884Book
Bray MrsFitz of Fitz-Ford1884Book
Bray MrsHartland Forest and Roseteague a Legend of North Devon1884Book
Bray MrsThe Protestant: a Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary 1884Book
Bray MrsTrelawny of Trelawne Vol 11884Book
Bray MrsTrelawny of Trelawne 1884Book
Bray MrsTrials of the Heart1884Book
Devonshire Assoc.Devonshire Domesday Part I1884Book
Everitt Rev. WilliamDevonshire Scenery its inspiration in prose and song1884Book
Hawker Rev. R SThe Cornish Ballards with other Poems1884Book
Plymouth Institution & Devon & Cornwall National History SocietyAnnual Reports and Transactions 1881-841884Book
Swaysland WFamiliar Wild Birds part 22 to part 661884Book
Swaysland WFamiliar Wild Birds part 68 to part 801884Book
Tregellas Walter HCornish Worthies Vol I1884Book
Tregellas Walter HCornish Worthies Vol II1884Book
Wright W H K (edit)The Western Antiquary or Devon and Cornwall Notebook1884Book
Charles Mrs RKitty Trevylyan A Story of the Times of Whitefield and the Wesleys1885Book
Devonshire Assoc.Devonshire Domesday Part II1885Book
Ward C S & Badderley M J BSouth Devon & South Cornwall including Dartmoor and the Scilly Isles1885Book
Ward C S & Badderley M J BThorough Guide Series South Devon and South Cornwall1885Book
Brushfield T NSir W Raleigh: A Plea for a Surname1886Book
Devonshire Assoc.Report & Transactions 1862-18851886Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of Edmund Stafford 1395-14191886Book
Worth R NA History of Devonshire with sketches of its leading worthies1886Book
Brushfield T NSir Walter Raleigh and his 'History of the World'1887Book
Crossing WilliamThe Ancient Crosses of Dartmoor1887Book
Darwin CharlesThe Life and letters of Charles Darwin Vol 21887Book
Darwin CharlesThe Life and letters of Charles Darwin Vol 31887Book
Devonshire Assoc.Devonshire Domesday Part IV1887Book
Dingle EThe Earth's Ecliptic Angle1887Book
Freeman E AExeter 1887Book
Worth CharlesDevonshire Parishes Vol I1887Book
Worth R NCalendar of the Tavistock Parish Records1887Book
Worth R NTavistock Parish Records 1887Book
Baring-Gould SabineRichard Cable the Lightshipman Vol 11888Book
Baring-Gould SabineRichard Cable the Lightshipman Vol 21888Book
Baring-Gould SabineRichard Cable the Lightshipman Vol 31888Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Death and Resurrection of Jesus Ten Lectures for Holy Week and Easter1888Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Gaverocks a Tale of the Cornish Coast1888Book
Brushfield T N Notes on the punishment known as 'The Drunken Cloak' 1888Book
Crossing WilliamAmid Devonia's Alps1888Book
Dingle EA Final effort on Physics in a supplement1888Book
The Magazine of ArtThe Magazine of Art Vol 81888Book
Baring-Gould SabineHistoric Oddities and Strange Events (First Series)1889Book
Black Adam and CharlesBlack's Guide to Devonshire1889Book
Brushfield T NThe Birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh1889Book
Devonshire Assoc.Catalogue of Exhibition at Town Hall Tavistock1889Book
Devonshire Assoc.Tavistock Meeting 1889 Programme1889Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of Walter Bronescombe 1257-1280 & Peter Quivil 1280-12911889Book
Jerome Jerome KStage-Land: Curious Habits and Customs of its Inhabitants1889Book
Jessop Rev. AugustusThe Coming of the Friars1889Book
Radford DanielThe Natural Storage of Water on Dartmoor1889Book
The Magazine of ArtThe Magazine of Art Vol 91889Book
Walpole SpencerLife of Lord John Russell Vol 11889Book
Walpole SpencerLife of Lord John Russell Vol 21889Book
Windeatt EdwardEarly Nonconformity in Tavistock1889Book
Worth CharlesDevonshire Parishes Vol II1889Book
Wright W H KThe Blue Friars: Their Sayings and Doings1889Book
Baring-Gould SabineOld Country Life (Second Edition)1890Book
Baring-Gould SabineYorkshire Oddities Incidents and Strange Events1890Book
Dartmoor Preservation Assoc.Short History of the rights of Common upon the Forest of Dartmoor and the Commons of Devon1890Book
Darwin CharlesThe Expression of the emotions in Man and Animals1890Book
Devonshire Assoc.Devonshire Domesday Part VII 1890Book
Dingle EThe Square of the Circle by Action to Reaction1890Book
Hamilton Rogers W HThe Strife of the Roses and Days of the Tudors in the West1890Book
Radford DanielWorking Men's Dwellings1890Book
Alford D PThe Abbots of Tavistock with Views Beyond1891Book
Baring-Gould SabineIn Troubadour-Land. A Ramble in Provence and Languedoc1891Book
Devonshire Assoc.Devonshire Domesday Part VIII1891Book
Poulain M JulesThe Two Sisters A Dartmoor Story translated from the French1891Book
Alford D PA Funeral Sermon on the Death of H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence1892Book
Baring-Gould SabineUrith: A Tale of Dartmoor Vol 11892Book
Baring-Gould SabineUrith: A Tale of Dartmoor Vol 21892Book
Baring-Gould SabineUrith: A Tale of Dartmoor Vol 31892Book
Crossing WilliamThe Old Stone Crosses of the Dartmoor Borders1892Book
Devonshire Assoc.Devonshire Domesday Part IX1892Book
Hewett SarahThe Peasant Speech of Devon1892Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of Walter de Stapeldon 1307-13261892Book
Page John L WAn Exploration of Dartmoor and its Antiquities1892Book
Worthy CharlesSuburbs of Exeter1892Book
Chudleigh JohnDevonshire Antiquities1893Book
Collier William FrederickTales and Sayings of William Robert Hicks of Bodmin1893Book
Dingle EThe Typal use of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet in Psalms etc1893Book
Hawker Rev. R SThe Prose Works of Rev R S Hawker1893Book
Hocking JIsmael Pengelly An Outcast1893Book
O'Neill H CTold in the Dimpses1893Book
Page John L WAn Exploration of Exmoor and the Hill Country of West Somerset1893Book
Page John L WThe Rivers of Devon from Source to Sea1893Book
Penzance Public LibrarySupp. Catalogue Books in Penzance Library1893Book
Wood Thomas WinterThe Collected Poems of Thomas Winter Wood1893Book
Alford D PA Tale of Tresco and the Tavistock Chimes etc1894Book
Baring-Gould SabineKitty Alone Vol. 11894Book
Baring-Gould SabineKitty Alone Vol. 21894Book
Baring-Gould SabineKitty Alone Vol. 31894Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Desert of Southern France Vol 11894Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Desert of Southern France Vol 21894Book
Burnard RobertDartmoor Pictorial Records Vol. 11894Book
Burnard RobertDartmoor Pictorial Records Vol. 21894Book
Burnard RobertDartmoor Pictorial Records Vol. 31894Book
Burnard RobertDartmoor Pictorial Records Vol. 41894Book
Burnard RobertThe Acquisition of Forest of Dartmoor as a Country Park1894Book
Cornish John BA Cornish Smuggler (Capt. Harry Carter of Prussia Cove) 1749-18091894Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of Edmund Stafford 1327-13301894Book
Hitchins JWhich Side Gave In and other tales1894Book
Page John L WThe Coasts of Devon and Lundy Island1895Book
Reid StuartLord John Russell1895Book
Baring-Gould SabineCuriosities of Olden Times1896Book
Baring-Gould SabineDartmoor Idyls1896Book
Baring-Gould SabineNoemi a Story of Rock-Dwellers1896Book
Blackmore R DTales from the Telling House1896Book
Brushfield T NDevonshire Briefs Part II1896Book
Brushfield T NRaleghana1896Book
Charles Mrs ROur Seven Homes Autobiographical Reminiscences of Mrs Rundle Charles1896Book
Collier William F.Harry Terrell: A Dartmoor Philosopher1896Book
Hocking JFields of fair renown1896Book
Quiller-Couch A TAdventures in Criticism1896Book
Alford D PShort History of the Tavistock Public Library1897Book
Baring-Gould SabineGuavas the Tinner1897Book
Baring-Gould SabinePerpetia1897Book
Brushfield T N The Salmon Clause in the Indentures of Apprentices1897Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of John de Grandisson 1331-13601897Book
KellyKelly's Directory of Devonshire & Cornwall1897Book
Pearse Gen. George GodfreyPearse Pedigrees1897Book
Tavistock LibraryCatalogue of Books in the Tavistock Library1897Book
Thornton Rev. W HReminiscences and Reflections of an Old West-Country Clergyman1897Book
Phillpotts EdenChildren of the Mist1898Book
Royal AcademyPictures1898Book
Baring-Gould SabineA Book of the West Vol.1 Devon1899Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part I1899Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of John de Grandisson 1360-13691899Book
Baring-Gould SabineA Book of Dartmoor1900Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part II1900Book
United Devon AssociationThe Book of Fair Devon1900Book
Whitfield Henry FrancisPlymouth & Devonport in Times or War and Peace1900Book
Allen GrantCounty and Town in England & Annals of Churnside1901Book
Baring-Gould SabineJohn Herring a West of England Romance1901Book
Baring-Gould SabineRoyal Georgie1901Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Seven Last Words Seven Discourses for Lent1901Book
Crossing WilliamOne Hundred Years on Dartmoor1901Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part III1901Book
Baring-Gould SabineMiss Quillet 1902Book
Crossing WilliamThe Western Gate of Dartmoor Tavistock and its Surroundings1902Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part IV1902Book
Evans Rev. G E 'Phillip Sidney'Professor Evans1902Book
Harris W GregorySketches of the West Countree1902Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CArchitectural History of St German's Church Cornwall1902Book
Baring-Gould SabineA Book of North Wales1903Book
Baring-Gould SabineChris of All-sorts1903Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part V1903Book
Hunt RobertPopular Romances of the West of England1903Book
Badderley & WardSouth Devon and South Cornwall1904Book
Baring-Gould SabineA Book of Ghosts1904Book
Baring-Gould SabineIn Dewisland1904Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part VI1904Book
Phillpotts EdenThe American Prisoner1904Book
United Devon AssociationDevonia No 31904Book
Baring-Gould SabineMrs Curgenven of Curgenven1905Book
Baring-Gould SabineStrange Survivals1905Book
Coleridge Ernest Hartley (edit)The Poetical Works of Lord Byron1905Book
Cresswell Beatrice F.Dartmoor With Its Surroundings1905Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part VII1905Book
Hockin JRoger Trewinion1905Book
Peeke RichardHis Three to one The Commendary Verses and the Play of Dick of Devonshire1905Book
Rugg W H JHope Wins A Devonshire Tale1905Book
Clayden Arthur WHistory of Devonshire Scenery1906Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part VIII1906Book
Great Western Railway CoDevon The Shire of the Sea Kings1906Book
Great Western Railway CoThe Cornish Riviera1906Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of Thomas de Brantyngham 1370-13941906Book
Salmon Arthur LLiterary Rambles in the West of England1906Book
Clarke Maud UNature's Own Garden1907Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part IX1908Book
Jacson Col. MThe Record of a Regiment of the Line1908Book
Newberry Percy EScarabs An Introduction to the study of Egyptian Seals and Signet Rings1908Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Mother1908Book
Vallings HaroldThe Lady Mary of Tavistock1908Book
Ward C S Thorough Guide Series North Devon and North Cornwall1908Book
Baring-Gould SabineA Book of Devon1909Book
Hingeston-Randolph Rev. F CThe Register of Edmund Lacy 1420-14551909Book
Homeland AssociationWhere to Stay in the West Country1909Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Fun of the Fair1909Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Haven1909Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part X1910Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part XI1910Book
Heath SidneyThe Cornish Riviera1911Book
Speer A EAnnual & Biennual Garden Plants1911Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part XII1912Book
Gribble FrancisThe Romance of Men of Devon1912Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Iscariot1912Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Secret Woman - a play in five acts1912Book
Ussher W A EThe Geology of The Country around Ivybridge & Modbury 1912Book
Parker Louis NDrake. A Pageant-Play in Three Acts1913Book
Askew Alice & ClaudeHelen of the Moor1914Book
Baring-Gould SabineCourt Royal A Story of Cross Currents1914Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Church Revival thoughts thereon and reminiscences1914Book
Devonshire Assoc.Part XIII1914Book
Knight F A & Dutton L MDevonshire1914Book
Quiller-Couch ArthurPoetry1914Book
Froude James AnthonyEnglish Seamen in the Sixteenth Century1915Book
Stewer Jan (Coles A J)Devonshire Book1915Book
Phillpotts EdenMy Devon Year1916Book
Chase BeatriceThe Dartmoor Window Again1918Book
Baring-Gould SabineIn the Roar of the Sea1919Book
Baring-Gould SabineThe Broom-Squire1919Book
Chase BeatriceCompleted Tales of my Knights and Ladies1919Book
Norway Arthur HHighways and Byways in Devon & Cornwall1919Book
Trevena JohnA Pixy in Petticoats1919Book
Chase BeatricePages of Peace from Dartmoor1920Book
Northcote Lady RosalindDevon Its Moorlands Streams & Coasts1920Book
anonRecord of the 3rd Devonshire Battery (Tavistock) The Great War 1914-19191921Book
Baring-Gould SabineGermany1921Book
Chase BeatriceThrough a Dartmoor Window1921Book
Sturgeon MaryWestminster Abbey1921Book
Weeks WilliamTwas Ordained and other Devonshire Sketches1921Book
Bishop H E & Prideaux E KThe Building of the Cathedral Church of St Peter in Exeter1922Book
Boggis Rev. R J EA History of the Diocese of Exeter1922Book
Phillips V IThe Windy Post and other Dartmoor Poems1923Book
Phillpotts EdenCherry-Stones1923Book
Tavistock Congregational ChurchJubilee of the Building1923Book
Phillpotts EdenA Harvesting1924Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Treasures of Typhon1924Book
Baring-Gould SabineCornish Characters and Strange Events (First Series)1925Book
Baring-Gould SabineCornish Characters and Strange Events (Second Series)1925Book
Baring-Gould SabineFurther Reminiscences 1864-18941925Book
Clinton-Badderley V CDevon Black's Popular Series1925Book
Stewer Jan (Coles A J)Ole Biskit and other tales in the Devon Dialect1925Book
Young JeanTamar Tales1925Book
Baring-Gould SabineDevon Characters and Strange Events (First Series)1926Book
Baring-Gould SabineDevon Characters and Strange Events (Second Series)1926Book
Chase BeatriceLady Agatha1926Book
Crossing WilliamCranmere the Legendary Story of Binjie Gear and other Poems1926Book
Dew Rev. RA History of the Parish and Church of Kilkhampton1926Book
Hopkins R ThurstonThe Literary Landmarks of Devon & Cornwall1926Book
Oxenham JohnMy Lady of the Moor1926Book
Rattenbury Hodges EA Supplement to Netley Abbey1926Book
Du Garde Peach LUnknown Devon1927Book
Homeland AssociationDear Old Devon1927Book
O'Neill H CDevonshire Idyls1927Book
Phillpotts EdenDemeter's Daughter1927Book
Phillpotts EdenThe River 1927Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Three Brothers1927Book
Phillpotts EdenWiddicombe Fair1927Book
Baring-Gould SabineA Book of the Riviera1928Book
Mais S P BGlorious Devon1928Book
Phillpotts EdenSongs of the Morning1928Book
Phillpotts EdenThe Runaways. A Comedy in Three Acts1928Book
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Wilson Barry MOptameron 1 Poems of Gods and Herosn.d.Book
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Wilson Barry MRomeo & Julietn.d.Book
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Parliamentary Debates09-03-1954 to 11-03-1954 & 16-03-1954 to 18-03-1954 & 19-03-1954 to 25-03-19541954Document
Parliamentary Debates19-01-1954 to 21-01-1954 & 26-01-1954 to 28-01-1954 & 02-02-1954 to 04-02-19541954Document
Parliamentary Debates26-03-1954 to 01-04-1954 & 06-04-1954 to 08-04-1954 & 09-04-1954 to 15-04-19541954Document
Parliamentary Debates27-04-1954 to 29-04-1954 & 30-04-1954 to 06-05-1954 & 25-05-1954 to 27-05-1954 1954Document
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Plymouth St Budeauxpostcardn.d.Document
Plymouth St BudeauxSt Budeaux A Safe Stronghold 1563-19631963Document
Plympton St MauriceChurch of St Maurice Plymptonn.d.Document
postcardKnighthayes Court1986Document
postcardMorwellham Quay Open Air Museum near Tavistockn.d.Document
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Scutt WinifredPlymouth Bottlesn.d.Document
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Sheepstor St LeonardThe Parish Church of St Leonard Sheepstorn.d.Document
Simey W SRoman Roadsn.d.Document
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Supplement to 'THE QUEEN' H M Queen Alexandra Queen Consort (Photograph)1902Document
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Tavistock AreaExplore the Ancient Churches in the Tavistock arean.d.Document
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Tavistock Directories Extracts1838 Pigot & Con.d.Document
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Tavistock Directories Extracts1866 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1870 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1873 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1878 Harrod'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1878/9 White'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1883 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1889 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1890 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1893 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1897 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1902 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1906 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1910 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1914 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1919 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1923 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1926 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1930 Kelly's n.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1935 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Directories Extracts1939 Kelly'sn.d.Document
Tavistock GazetteBound copies Tavistock Gazette1947Document
Tavistock GazetteBound copies Tavistock Gazette1948Document
Tavistock GazetteBound copies Tavistock Gazette1949Document
Tavistock GazetteOur 100th Birthday1957Document
Tavistock GazetteRoyal Supplement preparations for visit Prince & Princes Wales1983Document
Tavistock GazetteRoyal Visit Souvenir Princess Anne 26 June 19851985Document
Tavistock GazetteSouth Devon & Tavistock Railway opening ceremony 1859 (photocopy)n.d.Document
Tavistock GazetteStory of Tavistock 1971Document
Tavistock GazetteThe Death of a Newspaper1974Document
Tavistock Local History SocietyWhitchurch Down A Study by Members 1990Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttings1887 Golden Jubilee in Tavistock2002Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsA Brief History of Twelfth Night2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsA Brief History to the Meadows2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsA Century of Tavistock Girl Guides2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsA History of the Christmas Tree2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsA Jeep called 'Vixen Tor'2013Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAerated Water in Syphones2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAlan Timbrell plaque2010Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAlfred Cocks - Baker & Jam Maker2015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAlice Hogg nee Mackey2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAn Engineering Feat - Tavistock Canal2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAnn Pulsford Poem for Woolies2008Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsArchaeological Investigations The Trendle2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsAward Nomination for Burial Site Dig2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBedford Square 18101981Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBere Alston & Bere Ferrers 41 men die2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBere Ferrers Rail Accident 19172015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBi-Centenary of Tavistock Canal2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBill Lane retires from Charitable Giving2015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBrian Fyfield-Shayler honoured2014Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBritish Workman' in Tavistock2009Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBrunel & Horse Power2013Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsBrunel's Great Railway Adventures in Devon2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsButcher's Hall Restoration2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsCelebrating Tavistock Canal2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsCelebrating Tavistock's Heritage2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsChristmas Puddings and Pies: a History2015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsCotehele House2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDartmoor Gun Powder Factory2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDartmoor Moss Gatherers2015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDeath Notice Graham Kirkpatrick2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDeath Notice John Merrifield Doidge2009Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDevon in the time of Cholera2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDolphin Road Cemetery2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDorothy C P Ward Tavistock Artist2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDrake's Drum at Buckland Abbey2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsDrake's Will for Sale2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsGeorgina Duchess of Bedford2014Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsGiles Newby2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsGraham Kirkpatrick 90 years young2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsGraham Kirkpatrick obituary2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsGuildhall Project Vitally Important for Town2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHangingstone Hill Dartmoor2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHarvesting Endeavour2013Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHeritage lottery Funding for Guildhall Complex2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHeritage Open Days2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHeritage Open Days2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHeritage Open Days2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHistoric Buildings Work Underway2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHistory of Doves and Dovecotes2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHistory of Mother's Day and Easter Food2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHistory of Pasties2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHistory of St Valentine's Day2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHonour and Royal Oaks2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsHow Water Came to Plymouth2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsImages of Old Tavistock2009Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsJohn & George Merrifield2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsJohn Lee supposed buried in Tavistock2005Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsJohn Taylor2014Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsKeeping Drake's Drum Where It Belongs2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsKeith Hall2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsLions Golden Jubilee Celebration Party2002Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsLocal Links to Titanic Tragedy2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsLuxton Family Tree2014Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsLydia Duchess of Bedford2006Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMarie Pearce Collection2014Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMarie Potts at Buckfast Abbeyn.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMarking the Day the Railway was Axed2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMemories of Market Street2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMerrifield Family2004Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMerrifield Family Tree page 1n.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMerrifield Family Tree page 2n.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMerrivale2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsMuseum Two New Exhibitions2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsNext Steps to Preserve Historic Guildhall2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsNigel Eadie2015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsOld Folk's Rest Home Brook Street2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsOrdulf's Sarcophagus2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsOur Lady of the Assumption St Mary Magdelen2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsPancake Day2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsPhotographic Gems of Victorian Times2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingspicture W E Baker & Co and of Original Pasty Housen.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsPimple. Lutyen's smallest design2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsPlaster Down 115th Field Hospital2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsPoetry Trail Restored2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsRescue of Mollie Ellis2010Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsRestoration of 1 Church Lane Tavistock2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsRestoring Foulston's House2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsSalvation Army Generals in Tavistock2010Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsSamuel William born 1855 Morwellham2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsShip Inn at Morwellham2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsShort History of the Town Hall2006Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsSir Francis Drake and His Leat2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsSir John Trelawney 1816-1885n.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsStory of Henry Honey Gould2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock 700..St Eustachius' Church2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Abbey ruins on 'at risk' list2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Canal & John Taylor2010Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Canal & John Taylor2015Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Canal by Robert Waterhouse2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Canal Tunnel2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Canal Walk2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Crested Ware2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Farmer's Markets2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Goose Fairn.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Market 900 Years 2006Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Parish Church. The Way Ahead2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock Police Station 1848-20122013Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock 's Earliest Employment Agency2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavistock tribute to Great War2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTavy Club. Key building is getting much-needed repairs2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTen things about..Tavistock Town Council2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Abbey Chapeln.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Bedford Hotel2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Piano: A Brief History2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Pimple is repaired2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Romantic History of Chocolate2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Tavistock Embroideryn.d.Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsThe Tavy from Source to Sea2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTim Arnold early days at the Times2018Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTown Hall painting Francis Drake2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTributes Graham Kirkpatrick2017Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTuck's Postcards of Tavistock2010Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsTurning the Mangle2013Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsVernon & Sibyl Hilton2013Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsVictorian Cemetery in Dolphin Road2012Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsWartime Avian Heroes2016Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsWheal Betsy2011Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsWilliam Browne of Tavistock2004Document
Tavistock Local Interest cuttingsWilliam Shepperd & British Workman2011Document
Tavistock Mercantile AssociationRules of the Association1890Document
Tavistock Parish ChurchTavistock Parish Church by J J Alexandern.d.Document
Tavistock Parish ChurchTavistock Parish Church by J Wans1990Document
Tavistock Parish ChurchTavistock Parish Church A Short History & Guide1978Document
Tavistock Parish RecordsBox handwritten cardsn.d.Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine…..19591959Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1906 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1906Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1907 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1907Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1908 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct & Nov1908Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1909 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1909Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1910 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1910Document
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Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1915 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1915Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1916 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1916Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1917 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1917Document
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Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1922 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1922Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1923 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1923Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1924 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1924Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1925 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1925Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1926 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1926Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1927 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1927Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1928 Jan; Feb; Mar; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1928Document
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Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1931 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1931Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1932 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Aug; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1932Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1933 Jan; Feb; Mar; Apr; May; Jun; Jul; Sep; Oct; Nov & Dec1933Document
Tavistock Ruridecanal Magazine1934 Jan; Feb; Mar & Apr1934Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryA Bookworm's Garden of Delights2007Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryArticle from Newspaper2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCatalogue2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCatalogue notes2011Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCatalogue notes2012Document
Tavistock Subscription Librarycopy engraving John Foulston 1772-18422013Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCopy Picture William Merrifieldn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCopy Removal of the Tenor Bell 1923n.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCopy Simmons 10 Duke Streetn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryCourt Gate before 1871n.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryDetails Tavistock Museum Merrifield Doidge collection2004Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryDolphin Road Cemetery Merrifield & Minhinnick Vault2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryDolphin Road Cemetery William Merrifield's Parentsn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryDrawing-Tavistock from Fitz Ford 18302016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryDrawing-Tavistock Library 1821n.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryExtract G Woodcock Homage to St Eustachius'sn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription Libraryfile index books and archivesn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryLibrarian's Cottage 1865-70n.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryMary Freeman Death Notice2018Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2002 November 2002Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2003 April; December; Christmas2003Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2004 February 2004Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2005 February; July; September; November2005Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2006 January; February; March; October; December2006Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2007 January; March; May; October; December2007Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2008 January; September2008Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2009 January; Summer; Winter2009Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2010 Summer; Autumn/Winter 2010Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2011 Summer 2011Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2012 Winter/Spring 2012Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2013 Summer; Winter/Spring 2013Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2014 Spring & Summer2014Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2014/15 Winter 2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2015 Summer 2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2015/6 Winter 2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2016 Autumn 2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewsletter 2018 Spring & Autumn 2018Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryNewspaper Article-Independent Libraries1990Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryOrder Service John Marsden Gale 1932-20082008Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPainting-Tavistock from the Launceston Road 18302016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhoto Regency Mantel Clock with Restorer2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhoto Station Clock being put back in place2017Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhoto Station Clock being wrapped2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhoto Station Clock with Restorers2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhoto Sun Dial over St Eustachius' Church2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhotos 5 West Streetn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryPhotos by William Merrifield circa 20162016Document
Tavistock Subscription Librarypostcard depicting V Noonan bookn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription Librarysample Original William Morris Wallpapern.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Classical Library Buildingn.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Diary Article2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Diary Article2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Diary Article2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Heritage Francis Russelln.d.Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Heritage Passport & Certificate2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Article2015Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Article2018Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Article2018Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Article2007Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Article2014Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Article2017Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times Death Notice2009Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Times. Mary Freeman2018Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock Yesterday's Article2009Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryTavistock's First Library and its Place in the Town2016Document
Tavistock Subscription LibraryThe Link. Laura Russell & Town Hall Portraits2018Document
Tavistock TimesJubilee Supplement Friday December 1920 1980Document
Tavistock Times Princess Anne's Visit 28 June 19851985Document
Tavistock Times GazetteMillennium Edition1999Document
Tavistock Times GazetteQueen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee edition2002Document
Tavistock Times GazetteTributes for Gerry Woodcock 22 September 20162016Document
Tavistock Town Councilletter re signing Twinning Charter2009Document
Tavistock Town CouncilTavistock Official Guide 2001Document
Tavistock Town CouncilTavistock Pannier Market 2018/2019 ….Trading since before 10662019Document
Tavistock Town CouncilTavistock Town Guide 20122012Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseCensusn.d.Document
Tavistock Union Workhousecopies items from newspapers 1871-1937n.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseCopies original census pages from aboven.d.Document
Tavistock Union Workhousecopies various documents related Tavistock Union 1840-1869n.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseDaily Routinen.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseMapsn.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseMental Healthn.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhousePoem. Christmas Day in the Workhousen.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseQuote Rev Millman 1832 re Workhousesn.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseTavistock Poor Law Unionn.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseTimelinen.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseTranscripts 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901n.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseUnmarried Mothersn.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseWorkhouse Childrenn.d.Document
Tavistock Union WorkhouseWorkhouse Rules and Regulationsn.d.Document
Tavistock Urban District CouncilTavistock Town & District Official Guide 1958Document
Tavistock Urban District CouncilTavistock. The Official Guide with map1929Document
Tavistock St Eustachius the MartyrTavistock Parish Church2004Document
Tavistock St Eustachius the MartyrThe Parish Church of St Eustachius The Martyr Tavistockn.d.Document
Taylor Alan & Treglown PeterThe South Devon Railway1993Document
The Art Journal Coronation Number Edward VII & Alexandra 1902Document
The Building newsTavistock gatehouse and Mortuary Plans 1880n.d.Document
The Dawn of the DaySeptember 1904 issue1904Document
The GraphicCoronation Number Edward VII & Alexandra 1902Document
The HeraldThe Pimple 2008Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsA Joint Celebration of the Centenary of the Publication…Hound of the Baskervilles2001Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsAfter the Beryl Coronet the Further Misadventures of Alexander Holder1998Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsCharles Merriman Monographs No 2 Silver Blaze1997Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsCharles Merriman Monographs No 3 The Strange Affair at Glastonbury1999Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsCharles Merriman Monographs No 5 A Certain Primness of Dress2000Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsSherlock Holmes Cryptanalyst1998Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsSome Ecclesiastical Reflections by a Non-Holmesian1998Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsThe Torr. Journal No 25 Autumn 20042004Document
The Poor Folk Upon the MoorsYou Have Lost One of Your Boots You Say?1998Document
The SphereCoronation Number Edward VII & Alexandra 1902Document
TimesPrince & Princess of Wales visit Tavistock Royal Visit Guide 4 March 19831983Document
TimesPrince of Wales Visit 9 March 19831983Document
TimesPrincess Diana's Visit 11 March 19831983Document
Tindall NHistory of England (Translated from French)1733Document
Topsham MuseumHolman House Topshamn.d.Document
Torbay Borough CouncilCatalogue of Paintings on Display at Torre Abbey Mansion1983Document
Torbay Borough CouncilTorre Abbey1984Document
Tregenstow BeneficeThe Four Ancient Churches that make up Tregenstow Beneficen.d.Document
Trevail BCurious Cornwalln.d.Document
Tudor Perkins UrsulaA la Ronde Exmouth & the Parminter Collectionn.d.Document
UgbrookeUgbrooke Chudleigh South Devonn.d.Document
UgbrookeUgbrooke Chudleigh South Devon leafletn.d.Document
Valentine & Sons LtdValentine's Snapshots 12 Photographs Clovellyn.d.Document
Vine & Gorfin LtdStreet Map Exmouth Budleigh Salterton & area1990Document
W.M.N. & Evening HeraldPictorial Collection of the Past 100 Years 15 November 19821982Document
Wans JCentenary of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee1996Document
Wans JNotes on St Eustachius Church TavistockDocument
Wans JOrdulf (or Ordulph)Document
Wans JTavistock Bridges Henry VIII and TavistockDocument
Wans JTavistock Buildings used as Churches1999Document
Wans JTavistock Parish Church of St Eustachius notes on the windowsDocument
Wans JTavistock Subscription LibraryDocument
Wans JTavistock Subscription Library Precis of Minutes 1815 onwardsDocument
Wans JThe Plymouth to Princetown Railway1993Document
Wans JThe Tavistock Canal1992Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties in or near Town of Tavistock offered at Auction1918Document
Ward & ChowenDuke Of Bedford Properties Lots 01-36 offered at Auction First Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 037-78 offered at Auction Second Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 067-125 offered at Auction Second Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 079-118 offered Auction Third Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 119-166 offered Auction Fourth Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 258-319 offered at Auction Fifth Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 320-370 offered at Auction Sixth Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 371-435 offered at Auction Seventh Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 436-492 offered at Auction Eighth Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 493-541 offered at Auction Ninth Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 542-600 offered at Auction Tenth Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Properties Lots 601-628 offered at Auction Eleventh Day1911Document
Ward & ChowenDuke of Bedford Town of Tavistock properties offered at Auction 23July 19141914Document
Ward & ChowenStreet Map of Tavistockn.d.Document
Weller MichaelDevon Epitaphs2010Document
Wembury ChurchThe Romantic Story of Wembury Churchn.d.Document
Wessex ArchaeologyDoe Tor Farm Lydford historic site appraisal & survey2007Document
West Dartmoor U3AMillennium Anthology2000Document
West Devon Borough CouncilLocal plan 19971997Document
West Devon Borough CouncilStreet Plans of Okehampton & Tavistock1989Document
West Devon Borough CouncilThe Tavistock Town Trailn.d.Document
West Devon Borough CouncilWest Devon District. Official Guide 1982-831982Document
West Devon Borough CouncilWest Devon. Official Guide 1984-51984Document
West Devon Borough CouncilWest Devon. Official Guide 1986-71986Document
Western Antiquary2nd Series Part IX; Part X; & Part XI1883Document
Western AntiquaryVol 02 No 1 to No 8. No 121882Document
Western AntiquaryVol 03 No 1 to No 81883Document
Western AntiquaryVol 04 No 1 to No 4. No 6 to No 121884Document
Western AntiquaryVol 05 Part 3 to Part 121885Document
Western AntiquaryVol 06 Part 011886Document
Western AntiquaryVol I1882Document
Western AntiquaryVol II1883Document
Western AntiquaryVol III1884Document
Western AntiquaryVol IV & Vol IV Index1885Document
Western AntiquaryVol V & Vol V Index1886Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI & Vol VI Index1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part II1886Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part III1886Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part IV1886Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part IX1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part VIII1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part VI-VII1886Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part X1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VI Part XII1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII1888Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part I 1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part II1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part III1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part IX1888Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part VII1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part VIII1887Document
Western AntiquaryVol VII Part X1888Document
Western AntiquaryVol VIII1889Document
Western AntiquaryVol X1891Document
Western AntiquaryVol X & XI 1893Document
Western AntiquaryVol XI1893Document
Western Daily MercuryDiamond Jubilee Number 1860-19201920Document
Western Magazine &PortfolioNovember 1889 issue1889Document
Western Morning NewsFirst Sunday Edition2014Document
Western Morning NewsMillennium Souvenir Edition2000Document
Western Morning NewsOur Century Ends1999Document
Western Morning NewsRoyal Wedding Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson1986Document
Western Morning NewsRoyal Wedding Prince Charles & Diana 29 July 19811981Document
Western Morning NewsVisit of Prince Charles & Princess Diana1983Document
Western Morning NewsWestcountry Golden Celebration June 20022002Document
Westward MapsTavistock Town Map street index important buildingsn.d.Document
Whitchurch St Andrew'sSt Andrew's Church Whitchurch.Guide to the churchn.d.Document
White PaulShortish Walks on Dartmoor2004Document
Widecombe St PancrasA Guide to Parish Church at Widecombe-in-the-Moorn.d.Document
Widecombe St PancrasSt Pancras Church Widecombe1990Document
Widecombe St PancrasThe Parish Church of St Pancras Widecombe. September 1952 leaflet1952Document
Wilson Barry Mphoto taken outside Tavistock Subscription Library in 20162016Document
Woodward FreddieSt Michaels and All Angels Cornwoodn.d.Document
Wootton M & SThe Little Book of Lydfordn.d.Document
Wright W H KA Plea for Devonshire Bibliography1885Document
YarcombeSt John the Baptist's Parish Church Yarcomben.d.Document
Yelverton & District Local HistoryNewsletter No 111994Document
Yelverton St PaulThe Parish Church of St Paul Yelvertonn.d.Document