The Tavistock Subscription Library holds several hundred books pertaining to local and regional history and of great use to local researchers and scholars.
Our collection includes a rare complete collection of the Transactions of the Devonshire Association along with The novels of Mrs Bray. Histories of the Russell family. Local Industries, Archaeology. Flora and Fauna. Art and Poetry. History of Plymouth and Exeter (Church related) Local history. Dartmoor and like subjects, people related to the area. Biographies.
Whilst this is not a complete nor comprehensive list it does give a brief indication of the sorts of books that we have available for members to read. Books are not loaned out nor are members permitted to take books away from the premises but there are sufficient facilities to conduct quiet research at any time.

[Exeter City.]A New Guide to the City of Exeter and its Environs.1824A1
Act of ParliamentFor Making and Maintaining a Navigable Canal from and out of the River Tamar at or near Morwellham Quay to Tavistock. photocopy.1803Not found
Act of ParliamentFor Repairing & Improving Roads & others therein mentioned in the County of Devon1825Not found
Act of ParliamentFor Inclosing Morwell Down in the Parish of Tavistock, Devon1828Not found
Act of ParliamentFor Constructing Market Houses & other Buildings etc.1859Not found
ALEXANDER, J.J.Tavistock Parish Church.1931A5Green box
ALEXANDER, J.J.Tavistock Parish Church. (revised by H.P.R.Finberg)1946A5Green box
ALEXANDER, J.J.Tavistock Parish Church. (revised and largely rewritten by H.P.R.Finberg)n.dB3Green box
ALEXANDER, J.J.Tavistock Parish Church. (revised and largely rewritten by H.P.R.Finberg)n.dB3Hard cover
ALFORD, D.P.The Abbots of Tavistock With Views Beyond1891B3
ALFORD, D.P.The Abbots of Tavistock With Views Beyond1891B3rebound
ALFORD, D.P.A Nation in Mourning: A Funeral Sermon on the Death of HRH The Duke of Clarence1892B3
ALFORD, D.P.A Tale of Tresco, The Tavistock Chimes and other Poems mostly of the West Country1894A3rebound, 2 copies
ALFORD, D.P.A Short History of the Tavistock Public Libraryc. 1897B3
ALFORD, D.P.Notes on Tavistock Public Libraryc.1897B3
ALFORD,D.P.Catalogue of Books in the Tavistock Library Centenary Edition1897B3
ALFORD, D.P.The Retreat & Other Poemsn.d.A3
ALFORD, Rev.A Nation in Mourning: the death of the Duke of Clarence1892B3
ALLEN, G.County and Town in England together with some annals of Charnside1901F3
ALLEN, R. E. (ed)The Oxford Dictionary of Current English1889A4
ALLEN, J. & TIMMS, S.Treasures of Ancient Devon1996D4
ALLEN, N.V.Exmoor Place Names1987B2
Ancient & Hon. Guild of Town CriersTavistock. 2000 Souvenir Programme2000Not found
ANDERSON, J.R.L.The Oldest Road: An Exploration of the Ridgeway1975C4
Anon.First Cargo (song - Tavistock Canal Company)1806F5Blue single sheet holder
Anon.Tavistock Abbey: A Guide to Remains1920Not found
Anon.A Guide to St. Andrew's Church Buckland Monachorum1961A5Green box
Anon.Survey of Roads in Scotland and Northern England 17761990Not found
Anon.The Brookes of Sarawak2000F5Blue single sheet holder
Anon.Press Cuttings. (local)1970-F7
Anon.Kandahar, Afghanistan. (painting and sketch of battle)n.dNot found
Anon.Royal Portfolio. (portraits of Queen Victoria and Family)n.dNot found
Anon.The Parish Church of St. Petroc Bodmin, Cornwalln.dA5Green box
Anon.A Church History St. Mary the Virgin - Bratton Clovellyn.d.A4Green box
Anon.(A Guide to St. Peter's Church at Peter Tavy)n.d.A5Green box
Anon.(Bodmin Museum Visitors' Guide)n.d.A5Green box
Anon.Cornish Homes & Customs. (inc. in History & Extracts)n.d.Not found
Anon.Life in Cornwall in the 19th.Century (inc. in History & Extracts)n.d.Not found
Anon.Scripture Historyn.d.F1
Anon.(St. Constantine and Aegideus Church Milton Abbot)n.d.A5Green box
Anon.St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church Launceston. A Brief History of the Churchn.d.A6Green box
Anon.The Group of Churches in Lydford, Brentor, Mary Tavy and Peter Tavy Known as 'Blackdown Benefice'n.d.A5Green box
Anon.Welcome to Buckfast Abbeyn.d.A5Green box
Anon.(Welcome to Mary Tavy Church)n.d.A5Green box
ANTHONY, G.H.The Tavistock, Launceston and Princetown Railways1971B3
ARMSTRONG, R.The Painted Stream1985Not found
ARMSTRONG, R.Under the Bridge1991A5
ARMSTRONG, R.Dartmoor River2002A5
Art Journal AdvertiserCoronation Number June 19021902Not found
ASKEW, A. & C.Helen of the Moor1914F3
Assoc. of Independent LibrariesDirectory1998F5
Assoc. of independent LibrariesDirectory1990F5
AXWORTHY, F.There is only one book on Bellows and Bellows Making and This is It1996E3signed
BAKER, F.Charles Wesley as Revealed by his Letters1948F3
BARBER, C.Diary of a Dartmoor Walker1983E2
BARBER, C.Cranmere Pool - The First Dartmoor Letterbox1994E2
BARBER, C.Around and About Roborough Down1998C4Signed
BARBER, C. & FITZGERALD, D.Made in Devon1988C4Signed
BARING-GOULD, S.Iceland: Its Scenes and Sagas1863F2
BARING-GOULD, S.In Exitu Israel: An Historic Novel. (Vol.1.)1870F2
BARING-GOULD, S.A Book of The West1899D22 copies
BARING-GOULD, S.Curious Myths of the Middle Ages.1872F2
BARING-GOULD, S.The Vicar of Morwenstow: A Life of Robert Stephen Hawker.1876F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Historic Oddities and Strange Events. (First Series)1889F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Old Country Life. (First Edition)1890F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Old Country Life. (Second Edition)1890F2
BARING-GOULD, S.In Troubadour-Land: A Ramble in Provence and Languedoc.1891F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Urith: A Tale of Dartmoor. Vols. 1,2,3.1891F2
BARING-GOULD, S.A Book of Dartmoor.[1900] 1982E3
BARING-GOULD, S.A Book of Ghosts.1904F2
BARING-GOULD, S.In Dewisland.1904F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Strange Survivals.1905F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Court Royal A Story of Cross Currents.1914F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Cornish Characters and Strange Events. (First Series).[[1908] 1925F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Cornish Characters and Strange Events. (Second Series)[1908] 1925F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Further Reminiscences 1864 - 1894.1925F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Devonshire Characters and Strange Events. (First Series)[1908] 1926F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Devonshire Characters and Strange Events. (Second Series)[1908] 1926F2
BARING-GOULD,S.Devon The Little Guides1931F2
BARING-GOULD, S.Devon.[1899] 1983F2
BARING-GOULD,S.Iceland: Its Scenes and Sagas[1863] 2007E1Pbk reprint.
BARKER, K. & KAIN, R.Maps and History in South-West England1991D4
BARKER, L.M.Pears Cyclopaedia[1897] 1958D5
Baron Jay Pubs.A Pocket Guide to Plymouth and District1975C3
BARRATT, J.The Civil War in the South West2005D5
BARTLETT, S.The Mines & Mining Men of Menheniot1994F4
BARTON, D.B.Historical Survey of Mines & Mineral Railways of East Cornwall and West Devon1964D3
BARTON, D.B.The Cornish Beam Engine[1969] 1989F4
BASTIN, C.H.By Train to Okehampton1995C4
Bath Royal Literary & Scientific InstitutionProceedings Vol. 82003 -2004F5Grey folder
BATTEN, K. & BENNETT, F.The Printed Maps of Devon: County Maps 1575 - 18371996A5
BATTEN, K. & BENNETT, F.The Victorian Maps of Devon: 1839 - 19012000A5
BEACHAM, P. (ed.)Devon Building; An Introduction to Local Traditions1990C5
BEDFORD, Duke ofArbitration between Duke of Bedford and TUDC 19131913A6
Bedford, Duke ofLetter on the Late Duke of Bedford Addressed to Dawson Turner Esq.1840A3
BEDFORD, Herbrand, 11th. DukeSale of Devonshire Properties in and near Tavistock (3 copies)1914Not found
BEDFORD, Herbrand, 11th. DukeDevonshire - Summary of Particulars of Valuable Freehold Estates. June-July 1911. 2 copies1911Not found
BEDFORD, Herbrand, 11th. DukeSale of Properties in Devonshire in and near Tavistock. ( 11th. October 19181918Not found
BEDFORD, Herbrand, 11th. Duke.Sale of Valuable Freehold Properties close to Town of Tavistock, Devon. (in 7 parts) . 11th. - 14th. July1911Not found
BEDFORD, Herbrand, 11th. Duke.Sale of Valuable Freehold Properties Situate in Tavistock, Devon. ( in 13 parts) 26th.June-7th.July1911Not found
BEDFORD, John, 13th DukeA Silver-Plated Spoon. Second copy1959C2one copy found in 2011
BEDFORD, John, 4th. DukeCorrespondence: With an Introduction by Lord John Russell (3 Vols)1842-46A3needs repair
BEDFORD, John, 6th. DukeHortus Ericaeous Woburnensis: a Catalogue of Heaths in the Collection of the Duke of Bedford at Woburn1825A6
BEDFORD, John, DukeThe Duke of Bedford Book of Snobs1965C2
BEDFORD,The Duke ofHortus Ericaeus Woburnensis on A Catalogue of Heaths1825A6
BEER, F.Day's Diving Disaster in Plymouth Sound1982A5
BEER, J.The Tavistock Subscription Library1990B3Off print (card)
BEER, J.The Devon Family Historian (no 60)1991B3
BEER, T.Devon Animals of the Wild1975A1
BEER, T.Devon Birds1975A1
BEER, T.Devon Wild Flowers1975A1
BEER, T.Devon's Fishing1975A1
BELL and DALDY pub.The Abbey of Saint Alban1856F1
BELLAMY, J.C.The Natural History of South Devon1839A1
BELLAMY, R.Postbridge: The Heart of Dartmoor1998A5Tall
BELLCHAMBERS, J.K.Devonshire Clockmakers1962D3
BELSHAW, G.An Illustrated History of Tavistock Goose Fair2006A5Tall; Signed
BENNIE, M.Walking: The Stories and Legends of Dartmoor1995E2
BENNIE, M.1998E2
BENNIE,M.Walking Through Dartmoor's Past2007E2
Bentley , R. (Pub.)Wild Sports of the West1838B3
BERE, A. J.Buckland Monachorum1930C4
BERESFORD,E.The Story of the Cornish Language1990F4
BERIDGE, P.J.Archaeological Notes: A Mesolithic Site on Bolberry Down1984Not found
BERRIDGE, P.J.A Flint Collection from Hedgemoor Farm, Bridford1984Not found
BERRIDGE, P.J.Mesolithic Sites in the Yarty Valley1985Not found
BERRIDGE, P.J.Archaeological Notes: Mesolithic Evidence from Hembury1986Not found
BICKERSTETH, J. (Ed.)The Bickersteth Diaries[1995] 1996D5
BIRD, R. & HIRST, P.The Brimpts Tin Mines: Dartmeet1996D3
BISHOP, G.A Parish Album of St. Ive. including the Villages of Churchtown, St.Ive Cross & Pensilva1988A5Tall
BISHOP, H.E. & PRIDEAUX, E.The Building of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Exeter1922A1
BISHOP, TThe Use of Digital Promotions by Independent Libraries2012A5Blue box
BLACK, A & C. (pub)Writers' & Artists' Year Book 20002000A4
BLACKBlack's Guide to Devonshire1889D5
Black and WhiteCoronation Number (Edward VII)1902Not found
BLACKMORE, R.D.Tales from the Telling House. (second copy)1896E2
BLACKMORE, R.D.Lorna Doone, a Romance of Exmoor. (second copy)n.d.E2
BLACKMORE, R.J.Dartmoor Illustrations1982A5
BLACK, C.From Pitch to Publication1999A4
BLAKISTON, G.Woburn and the Russells1988C2
BLAYLOCK, S.R.Tavistock Abbey, Devon. Assessment & Recording of Standing Fabric. Exeter Arch. Rep. No. 75, 981998blue folder
BLAYLOCK, S.R.Further Recording of the Standing Fabric of Tavistock Abbey. Exeter Arch. Rep. No.01, 82.2001blue folder
BLIGHT, J.T.A Week at the Land's End1861F4
BLISS, J. JAGO, C. & MAYCOCK, E. (Ed.)Aspects of Devon History2012 C5
BODMAN, J.West Country Stone Walls1979D3
BODMAN, M.Mills on the Teign2015D3
BODMAN, M.Devon Leather: an outline history of a lost industry: nineteenth century tanners and tanneries2008A5Tall
BOGGIS, R.J.E.A History of the Diocese of Exeter.1922A1
BOGGIS, R.J.E.I Remember. Reminiscences of an Octogenarian1947B2
BOND, L. C.Story of a Thousand years. Abbey Chapel. Tavistock1962B3
BONE, H.A Catalogue of Miniature Portraits in Enamel in the Collection of the Duke of Bedford at Woburn Abbey1825A3
BOOKER, F.Morwellham. A History[1967] 1971B3
BOOKER.F.Industrial Archaeology opf The Tamar Valley1974D3
BOUND . T.The A to Z of Dartmoor Tors1991E3
BORLASE, W.C.Observations on the Antiquities, Historical & Monumental, of the County of Cornwall1754F6
BORLASE, W.C.Naenia Cornubiae: The Sepulchres and Funereal Customs of the Early Inhabitants of Cornwall1872F4
BORLASE.The History of Cornwall1754F6
BORN, A.Drake; A Poetical Biography1993C2
Bossiney Books (Ed.)My Devon.1981C4
BOUCHER, Rev. G.J.A Short History of St Paul Gulworthy & the Devon Great Consolidated Mining Co.1999A5Green box
BOUND, T.The A - Z of Dartmoor Tors.1991E4
BOWLES, W.I.The Sorrows of Switzerland (inc. in Opie)1801A3See under Opie
BOYLE, V.C. & PAYNE, D.Devon Harbours1952D5
BRACKEN, C.W.A History of Plymouth and her Neighbours1934C3
BRAKE, R.The Grand Western Canal1987D5
BRAY, Mrs.A Description of nhe Part of Devonshire Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy Vols I. II. III.1836B3newly bound
BRAY, E.A.Ballads1799A3newly bound
BRAY, E.A.Idyls.1800A3newly bound
BRAY, E.A.A Funeral Ode on the Death of Lord Nelson. (inc. in Opie).1806C2See under Opie
BRAY, Mrs.Poetical Remains of the Late Edward Atkyns Bray Vols. 1 & 21859A22 copies of volume 1
BRAY, E.A.Poetical Remains with a Memoir to the Author by Mrs Bray , Vol I.1859A2
BRAY, E.A.A Selection from the Sermons of the Rev. E.A.Bray. 2 sets of Vols. 1 & 2.1860A3
BRAY, Mrs.De Foix: or Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the 14th Century. Vols. 2,3.1826A2volume 2 newly bound
BRAY, Mrs.De Foix: or Sketches of the Manners and Customs of the 14th Century Vol . 1. 2nd edition1845A2newly bound
BRAY, Mrs.De Foix Vol 1n.d.A2
BRAY, Mrs.The Protestant: a Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary. Vol. 21828A2
BRAY, Mrs.The White Hoods. Vols 1, 2 & 3. (Vol 3 two copies)1828A2two copies of vol. 3
BRAY, Mrs.The White Hoods.n.d.A2front pages missing
BRAY, Mrs.The Talba: the Moor of Portugal. Vols. 41845A2
BRAY, MrsThe Talba : Moor of Portugal. Vol. 31830A2
BRAY, MrsThe Talba : Moor of Portugal. Vol. 21830A2
BRAY, MrsThe Talba : Moor of Portugal. Vol. 11830A2
BRAY, Mrs.Warleigh: the Fatal Oak. Vols. 1,2,3.1834A2
BRAY, Mrs.Warleigh . Vol 6n.d.A2
BRAY, Mrs.Trelawney of Trelawne (2 copies of Vol.2 of 3.)1837A22 copies, taped
BRAY, Mrs.Courtney of Walreddon Vols.1. 2 . &31844A2needs repair, 2 copies of vol. 1 & 2
BRAY, Mrs.The Protestant: a Tale of the Reign of Queen Mary1845A2needs repair
BRAY, Mrs.The Talba: the Moor of Portugal. Vol 51845A2
BRAY, Mrs.Trials of the Heart. (2 copies) Vol VIII1845A22 copies
BRAY, Mrs.Warleigh: or The Fatal Oak. (1 Volume)1834A2needs repair
BRAY, Mrs.Henry de Pomeroy also The White Rose 2 copies1846A22 copies, needs repair
BRAY, Mrs.The Good St. Louis and His Times.1870A2
BRAY, Mrs.Joan of Arc and the Times of Charles VII, King of France.1874A2
BRAY, Mrs.The Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy. Vol.1. (2nd.Edition)1879A2
BRAY, Mrs.The Borders of the Tamar and the Tavy. Vol.2. (2nd. Edition)1879A2
BRAY, Mrs.Hartland Forest1871A2
BRAY, Mrs.Hartland Forest and Roseteague. (2 copies) one rebound1884A22 copies
BRAY, Mrs.Trelawney of Trelawne. (1 Volume)1884A2
BRAY ,Mrs.Trelawney of Trelawne Vol 21837A2
BRAY, Mrs.Bordering on the Tamar and the Tavy. 3 Vols. 1st. Ed.1836B3
BREDIN, A.E.C. Brig.A Short History of the Devonshire and Dorset Regimentn.d.C2
BREITMEYER, H.The Life and Adventures of Bampfylde Moor Carew, the King of the Beggars1985C5
BRETON, H.Beautiful Dartmoor and its Interesting Antiquities[1911] 1990E2
BRETON, H.The Forest of Dartmoor[1931] 1990E2
BREWER, D.A Field Guide to the Boundary Markings on and around Dartmoor1986E2
BREWER, K.The Railways, Quarries and Cottages of Foggintorn.d.E2Post-1996
BRIDGE, M., BRIDGE, D. & PEGG, J. (ed.)The Heart of Tavistock1995B3
BRIGGS, C.The Mana of Lew1993D2
BRITTON, J.Exeter Cathedral1820A6
BRITTON, J.The History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Exeter1826A7Delapidated & taped. Large
BROWN,H.M.The Church In Cornwall1964F4signed
BROWN, M.Dartmoor 2001 A Dartmoor Diary of Yesteryear2001E2
BROWNE, W.The Works of William Browne with Brittania's Pastorals Vols.1,2 & 31772A3taped
BROWNE, W.The Works of William Browne containing The Shepherd's Pipe1802A3
BROWNE, W.The Whole Works of William Browne, of Tavistock and the Inner Temple... and notes by William Carew Hazlitt (vol. 2)1889A3signed, taped
BROWNE, W.The Whole Works of William Browne of Tavistock and the Inner Temple... and notes by William Carew Hazlitt (vol. 1)1868A3signed, taped
BROWNE, W.Poems of William Browne of Tavistock (Vols. 1 & 2)n.d.A32 copies of volume 1
BROWNE, W.Original Poems1815F5Blue Box
BROWNING, D.C.Dictionary of Quotations and Proverbs1982A4
BRUSHFIELD.T.N.Devonshire Briefs1896A6
BRUSHFIELD,T.N.The Birth Place of Sir Walter Raleigh1889A6
BRUSHFIELD,T.N.Sir Walter Raleigh : A Plea for a Surname1886A6
BRUSHFIELD,T.N.Sir Walter Raleigh and his 'History of The World'1887A6
BRUSHFIELD, T.N.Notes on the Punishment Known as "The Drunkard's Cloak"1888F1In plastic pocket
BRUSHFIELD, T.N.(Church of All Saints, East Budleigh. Part 1)1891A5Green box. X ref Transactions, 1891, xxiii, pp. 239-306
BRUSHFIELD, T.N.(Church of All Saints, East Budleigh. Part 2)1892A5Green box. X ref Transactions, 1892, xxiv, pp. 219-358
BRUSHFIELD, T.N.(Church of All Saints, East Budleigh. Part 3)1894A5Green box. X ref Transactions, 1894, xxvi, pp. 237-295
BRUSHFIELD, T.N.The Salmon Clause in the Indentures of Apprentices1897F1In plastic pocket
BUCHAN, J.The King's Grace. 1910 - 19351935F3
BUCKINGHAM,J.Edward iIn Tavistock2003A5Tall. Donation
BUILDINGSPapers on various buildings in the areaA5
BURNARD, R.Dartmoor Pictorial Records. Vols. 1,2,3,41890E2
BURNARD, R.The Acquisition of the Forest of Dartmoor as a County Park1894E2
BURNET,T.The Sacred Theory of the Earth and Three Other Papers on the same Subject (Vol.2. only)1722F1In box
BURNETT, D.A Royal Duchy. A Portrait of the Royal Duchy of Cornwall1996F4
BURROWS, R.The Naturalist in Devon and Cornwall1971F3
BURT, R.John Taylor, Mining Entrepeneur and Engineer, 1779 - 18631977B3
BURTON, C.K. & MATTHEWS, G.L.The Church of St. Michael, Brentor1981A5In green box
BURTON, E.South Devon, 'Drake's Dreamland'n.d.C4
BURTON, S.H.Devon Villages1973C4
BUTLER, J.Dartmoor. Atlas of Antiquities. Vol. 1 (2 copies)1991D4
BUTLER, J.Dartmoor. Atlas of Antiquities. Vol. 2 (2 copies)1991D4
BUTLER, J.Dartmoor. Atlas of Antiquities. Vol. 4 (2 copies)1993D4
BUTLER, J.Dartmoor. Atlas of Antiquities. Vol. 3 (2 copies)1994D4
BUTLER, J.Dartmoor. Atlas of Antiquities. Vol. 5 (2 copies)1997D4
BYRON, Lord.PoeticaL Works of Lord Byron1905A3
CALDWELL, A.M.Chronicles of Dartmoor[1866] 2006E3
CARADON, H. et al.My Devon1981C4
CARNOCK, LadyPoems1968A3
CARR, J.The Stranger in France or a Tour from Devonshire to Paris1803F1Needs repair
CARRINGTON, N.T.The Banks of Tamar, a Poem, with other Pieces1820A3Needs repair
CARRUTHERS, G.F.The Westminster Cartoons. No.6 1900-1902- Vol. V1902Not found 23-1-12
CARTER, Captain H.The Autobiography of a Cornish Smuggler 1749-18091894F4
CARTER, S.The Avenger, a Metrical Tale1851A3
CASSELL & COMPANY Ltd pub.London's Roll of Fame1884F1
CensusCensus of Great Britain1851A6
CensusCensus Records Morwellham and Related Informationn.d.F5File
Census 1851Tithe page & Map only. Dev. Con. Dorset. Som. & Wilts.1851Not found 23-1-12
Census of Great Britain 1801-51Division V -South Western Counties.1852Not found 23-1-12
CHANTER, C.Ferny Combes. A Ramble after Ferns in the Glens and Valleys of Devonshire.1857A1
CHAPLIN, N.Latchley: The Story of a Tamar Valley Village2002F4
CHAPLMAN, L.The Ancient Dwellings of Grimspound and Hound Tor[1996] 2000E3
CHAPMAN, C.Wild Goose and Riddon2000A5Tall
Charity CommissionReturns made to the House of Commons of Charitable Donations in the County of Devon1819A6Paper cover (taped)
Charity CommissionTavistock Grammar school Endowment1869A7Paper cover (taped)
Charity CommissionTavistock Grammar School Endowment (2 copies)1890not found
Charity CommissionReport of the Commissioners Concerning Charities: County of Devon. 3 vols1826-30B2
CHARLES, Mrs. R.Diary of Mrs. Kitty Trevylyan1885E2
CHARLES, Mrs. R.Our Seven Homes1896B3
CHARMAN.D.J. et alDevon and East Cornwall Field Guide1996not found
CHERRY, B. & PEVSNER, N.The Buildings of England, Devon[1952] 1989C5
CHITTY, M.Industrial Archaeology of Exeter1974A1
CHOPE,R.P.The Book of Hartland1940F3
CHUGG, B.Victorian and Edwardian Devon from Old Photographs[1975] 1989C4
City of London LibraryLondon's Roll of Fame: AD 1757 to 18841884F1
Clack!No.1. January1865A7Green box. Notes and Quer
CLAMP, A.L.Let's Explore Old Waterways of Devonn.d.D5
CLARE, T.Archaeological Sites of Devon and Cornwall1982D4
CLARKE, M. U.Nature's own Gardens1907A1
CLAYDON.A,W,The History of Devonshire Scenery1906E3
COLLIER, W.F.Tales and sayings of William Robert Hicks of Bodmin1893F4
COLLIER, W.F.Henry Terrell: a Dartmoor Philosopher: a Memoir1896E3
COLLINS (pub)Concise Dictionary1999A4
COLLING, M. M.Fables and other Pieces in Verse with Some Account of the Author by Mrs. Bray1831A3
COLLINS, C.T.Perranzabuloe, the Lost Church Found1839F4re bound
COLLINS, W.W.Rambles Beyond Railways: or Notes on Cornwall taken afoot1851F4re bound
Conservation ManagementDoe Tor Farm. Lydford. Devon2007F5blue box
COOK, D. & KIRK, D.Gunnislake Turner Trail. Research and Feasability Study2001A5Tall
COOK, K.Whitchurch Parish2002B4
COOMBS, N.Passenger Steamers of the Bristol Channel1990F2
COOPER, R.D.St. Mary's Parish Church Bidefordn.d.C2Green box
CORBET, J.S.Drake and the Tudor Navy[1898] 1988C2
Cornish Archaeological SocietyCornish Archaeological Journal. Vols. 10 - 181971-79not found
CornwallA Pictorial RecordF5Blue Box
Cornwall CouncilMorwell Wood Trail nr Morwellham, Devon: Impact Assessment2012A5
COTTON, W. & DALLAS, J. (ed.)Notes And Gleanings. Vol. I1888A7Green box
COTTON, W. & DALLAS, J. (ed.)Notes And Gleanings. Vol. II1889A7Needs repair; green box
COTTON, W. & DALLAS, J. (ed.)Notes And Gleanings. Vol. III1890A7Green box
COURT, A.Seedtime to Harvest1987F3
COX, W.E. (ed.)The Homelover's Book1939A1
CRESSWELL,B.F.& ALMY, P.H.W.The Homeland Guide to Dartmoorn.d.E3
CRESSWELL, B.A Book of Devonshire Parsons1932D3
CRESSWELL, B.Dartmoor and Its Surroundings. 4th. Ed. (Ed. Wm. Crossing)1905-6E3
CRESSWELL, B. F.Dartmoor and its Surroundings. 4th. Ed. ( Wm. Crossing)1906not found
CRISSWELL, C.N.Rajah Charles Brooke. Monarch of all he Surveyed1978C2
CROMMELIN, M.In the West Countrie. Vol 2 and Vol 31883F3vol 1 not found
CROSSING, W.The Old Stone Crosses of the Dartmoor Borders1892E3
CROSSING, W.One Hundred Years on Dartmoor1901E3
CROSSING, W.'The Western Gate of Dartmoor'. Tavistock and its Surroundings1903E3
CROSSING, W.Stones of Dartmoor and their Story1987E3
CROSSING, W.Echoes of an Ancient Forest1994E32 copies . Duplicate copy in B6
CROSSING, W.The Land of Stream and Tor1994E3
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